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‘Paul follows in the footsteps of the great singer-
songwriters like James Taylor and Randy Newman.’

Al Steele, producer, arranger and guitarist with The Korgis

Paul Playing

“Paul’s gigs are marked by stunning story-telling songs and sparkling guitar work, peppered with anecdotes that spin and tumble from the moving to the hilarious,” says one (extremely kind) reviewer. I’ll take that any day. And I’m hugely grateful to superb photographer Mark Watkin Price for the image above.

Everybody loves a good story whether it’s told or sung - and I’m at my happiest writing songs with a decent plot line.You’ll see what I mean in a few of the songs on the VIDEOS page of this website. I do hope you like them. If so (blatant plug alert!) you’ll find songs like these at the heart of my albums Ariel and Hold The Line. Ariel is pretty much sold out, but Hold The Line is available on iTunes and Amazon Music. To find out more click on either of the iTunes or Amazon logos below.

No two folk clubs, concerts or festivals are ever the same, but a few that stand out include the Great Hall at the National Museum of Wales (as you’d expect, a pretty quiet crowd), Cardiff’s Millennium Centre (now there’s an audience that knows how to have a good time!) and Tredegar House Folk Festival (you can’t beat the grounds of a National Trust stately home for a beautiful backdrop). As I mentioned on the Home page, a lot of good-hearted people have also said some kind things about my live shows too. You’ll notice I’ve used a few of them at the top of each page, but I’m never one to waste an opportunity so here are a few more…

“Sometimes, someone comes along with a performance that reminds us organisers why we love folk music so much and why we keep going. Last night was one of these rare nights. This is not a review of the gig, but simply a recommendation to all my friends who organise clubs and festivals in the UK and beyond - book Paul Lloyd Nicholas, whose songwriting and performance is as good as any top act I’ve seen for a long time. Your audience will love him. Ours certainly did!”

Derek Smith, The Rolling Mill Folk Club.

“Paul sings like an angel and plays like a demon. Miss him and you’ll miss out.”

Castle of Brecon Folk Club.

“A really lovely set.”

Phil Beer, Show Of Hands.

“Paul is terrific. A real pleasure to share a stage with such talent.”

Charlie Dore, hit singer of Pilot Of The Airwaves and writer for Celine Dion, Tina Turner and George Harrison.

“He writes such beautiful songs.”

Dave Pegg, Fairport Convention.

“I thoroughly enjoy Paul’s approach to lyric storytelling. I shall listen again.”

Folk legend Harvey Andrews.

“He has the craft.”

Folk favourite Anthony John Clarke.

“Paul’s concerts are a joy to behold, pure entertainment from start to finish. He’s an outstanding singer-songwriter, a brilliant performer and a storyteller with that special gift of capturing the attention of every member of the audience.”

Newport Folk Club

“He performs with such skill and accomplishment…any audience is guaranteed a musical treat.”

West Somerset Folk Festival.

“Sensational night with a full house…Paul Lloyd Nicholas just exuded class both in his performance and his songs.”

Lyceum Folk & Acoustic Club.

“Hold The Line is a perfect album. Paul Lloyd Nicholas has nailed it, big time.”

David Thomas, Lord Nelson Folk Club.